Friday, October 17, 2014

Cheap Imitations Can Be Beautiful, Too

This blog post is revolutionary stuff.


Completely engaging.


You don't think framed postcards are compelling?

When they are postcards of photography by the great Richard Avedon they are down right exceptional.

Do you know Richard Avedon? Google his images.

And you will understand how even a cheap replication of his work can make frames from Target that I bought at a garage sale for almost nothing look practically amazing.

I would show you some of his images, but I'm afraid that famous photographers have secret spies or image radar that tell him when someone uses their images without permission.

And then I would get sued for a kajillion dollars.

And get sent to blogger prison.

And then where would you go to find your extraordinary,




Funny, I bought these postcards at a the Detroit Institute of Arts, after attending an Avedon exhibit.  When I took these frames apart to remove the old images from them, guess what they were?

Postcards from a former exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts.


I guess this idea wasn't so sensational as I thought. 

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Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Talk about coincidences!
Those frames were destined for greatness!!!

Love these--

Anonymous said...

Definitely sensational, looks great!

Poet, Detachment Mom, and Navy Wife said...

These look great!

Lara Neves said...

Those are beautiful images. I do love the idea of framing postcards. I never really know what to do with them.

Unknown said...

what a fun idea!!!


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