Sunday, November 16, 2014

28 Things

1. I feel like I've been hit by a truck.

2. I have not been hit by a truck.

3. First I was busy. Then I was tired. Now I'm just lazy.

4. Because I feel like I've been hit by a truck.

5. I've decided that tomorrow I'm going to be better.

6. For the last couple of weeks I have been helping Becky - the owner at Vera's Daughter, where I sell my furniture - get the store ready for Christmas.

7. When you're decorating a shop for Christmas you don't feel like blogging when you get home.

8. I have decided that everyone should use crinolines for their Christmas tree skirts.

9. Isn't it adorable?

10. There are not many things more warm and inviting than Christmas vignettes.

11. If I didn't feel like I had been hit by a truck I would be decorating my own house for Christmas.

12. I decided to decorate on blogging time this year. 

13. That means Christmas before Thanksgiving.

14. One thing I have gotten done in the last two weeks is the garden.

15. Cleaning out the garden in the fall is on my top ten list of things I hate to do.

16. At least if I put out Christmas decorations I won't have frozen pumpkins and dead flowers competing for attention.

18. I also finally took the daisies out of my front door basket. Thanks goodness. I was getting a little ashamed.

19.  Nothing drastic - just put some fall color in the basket.

20. At least I don't feel like a front door loser every time I drive in the driveway.

21. I've been given a test.

22. This tree.

23. How can it be turned into something attractive - and more my style.

24. Those "limbs" aren't so easy to remove. But I would do it if I had a good idea of what to do.

25. Would you please help me think of something to do?

26. What would you do?

27. Would it be worth the effort?

28. Maybe I should just put it in the road to get hit by a truck!

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NanaDiana said...

Karen-That is quite a "list". lol That last tree is something alright! Not sure what I would do with it-but it looks like a perfect prop for Elf On A Shelf. It looks like the kind of tree he would own/like. lol

Love the crinoline skirt on the tree. I did that with my granddaughter's tree in their room here last year. Thanks for reminding me to do it again! Mine wasn't near that fancy though so I may have to "pump it up" a bit after seeing yours here!

Have a wonderful night- xo Diana

Rita C at Panoply said...

#9 yes
#12 me too
#15 me too
#16 i still have my pumpkins outside. happy thanksmas
#18 another reason i don't hang a wreath except at christmas
#26 even the cat looks perplexed-try #28

ps - i told you your dresser would be featured, didn't i? amazing. no wonder you're tired. i love your blog.

Donna Wilkes said...

I feel for ya. Besides decorating at my house, I am moving two booths into one during the first week in December. I guess I feel that truck rolling towards me. Your decorations are lovely and so stylish. Just take photos of what you accomplished, blow them up and hang around the house. as for the tree - spray paint?

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Thanksgiving before Christmas? You? LOL! Busy is good...feeling like you've been hit by a truck...not so good. If I had that tree, I would spray paint the branches white, hang it upside down from the ceiling and put some pretty lights and colorful ornaments on it.

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

That little Holstein cat likes the tree just as is. It looks like it would be dazzling if it held a collection of crazy colorful ornaments (the tree, not the cat).

~ Dixie said...

What a beautifully decorated store. Well done. I love the crinoline tree skirt too!

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

You've all done a wonderful job decorating the shop! The crinoline tree skirt is absolutely adorable. As for the tree, it looks like your cat is puzzled by it, too. hehe I know you'll think of something fabulous to do with it, Karen. I wish I could get a jump start on Christmas decorating, but we're hosting Thanksgiving, so no can do.

You need to take a "me" day and do nothing!

goze said...

Though you may feel like you have been hit by a truck, your sense of humor is still intact. Thanks for the chuckle this morning.

Art and Sand said...

Well, I am glad you were not hit by a truck!

As to the tree, I am going simple this year so I would choose stars or hearts and hang them randomly on the tree.

How fun to help a friend decorate her shop for Christmas. I think I need to make friends with someone who has a shop!

Bliss said...

Fake snow on the tree. Yup, that's what I vote for. Now tell me how to use crinoline for a tree skirt.

Shannon said...

Beautiful vignettes y'all created. I also have a front door basket, problem is it's sitting in a corner. You just inspired me to put it on the door maybe with some poinsettia's. Now here is what I would do with that tree. I love the trunk part, so I would cut those green limbs off at the base and wire in just some tree limbs from outside. A little rustic with the glam of that trunk.


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