Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Double Tray Cart Makeover with Chalk Paint®

I've been a lazy blogger.

Not lazy.

But a lazy blogger.

Or maybe you could call it preoccupied.

I've been working a couple of days a week at Vera's Daughter.

And trying to get stuff into the store to sell.

And waiting for a sunny day to take pictures.

A sunny day that never comes.


I finally have my broken phone situation situated.

I lost all the pictures.

Those pictures included the before pictures of this little cart.

This is one CLC.

That stands for Cute Little Cart.

It was stained a walnut I guess. Some kind of brown.

This is a very experienced cart.

It's carried many a Thanksgiving side dish.

Just this Thanksgiving it held 2 cakes, one cheesecake, and a pie, at my house.

I first painted it French Linen Chalk Paint®.

Then I painted it with Old White Chalk Paint® with the intent of sanding back to the French Linen.

But it didn't.

It sanded back to the wood.


So I painted it again with the French Linen and sanded back to the Old White.

That worked better.

I also stenciled the trays - before I painted the last coat of French Linen.

But I didn't use paint.

I used Paint Couture's Embossing MediumEmbossing Medium is a smooth acrylic plaster designed to create a raised plaster look with stencils on furniture.

The look of an embossed stencil is quite lovely - like a 3-D stencil.

I just sanded back the paint off of the stenciled area.

Then waxed with Annie Sloan clear and dark wax.

I so wish I had a decent picture so you could see how really beautiful the colors are. And no you aren't going blind. They are just a tad blurry.

I'm hoping this cart will be sitting next to someone's Christmas dinner table holding mashed potatoes, dinner rolls, and maybe a salad or two.

My question for you is this - 

If this tray cart was yours, what would you use it for this Christmas?

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Little Miss Maggie said...

Gorgeous, Karen. I can't believe you are parting with this tray.

Tracy said...

Definitely a Dessert Cart. That is a beaute. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

~ Dixie said...

Definitely for desert, tea and coffee.
Merry Christmas!

Leslie Harris said...

Karen you are amazing. Embossing what?! I've never worked with it before...but I love it!!! You did a great job on this tray...
How can you part with it? :)

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

It looks lovely! I would use it for cocktails of course! Merry Christmas to you Karen!

Art and Sand said...

Well, I wish I had that CLC and I would have it in the living room near the sofa for drinks and treats on Christmas Day.

I need your help. I have desserts for our annual Progressive Dinner on New Year's Eve. Which of your cake recipes is pretty and easy for me to make and WOW everyone on NYE?

RusticOwlTreasures said...

Love the cart turned out great!

Bliss said...

So tell me more about using the embossing stuff. I have some to use too, but I'm sort of stumped on what I should use it on.

Anna said...

Is that a trick question? Like, ahem are you going to give the tray away to some lucky commentator?


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