Thursday, May 14, 2015

Words of Wednesday No.8

Things I've learned . . .

spending a month away from home in May:

  • A month is a long time.
  • A month is not long enough to spend with my beautiful kids and my even beautifuller grandson.
  • That babies are not really that in to selfies. 

Things I've learned . . .

spending a month in Oklahoma in May:

  • That there are new kinder, gentler words for "get the hell into your storm shelter"
  • like "be weather aware"
  • and, "go to your safe place" (or "safe spot" I can't remember which it is)
  • and in all seriousness, when they can predict the exact timing and path of a tornado, you should listen.
  • that when photographing flowers in Oklahoma you have to hold them still  

  • that May is definitely when the roses bloom.

  • that when my mother told me that Peonies bloomed at Mother's Day she was right
  • in Oklahoma

Things I've learned . . .

Being away from Michigan in May:

  • That there will be no Flowering Almond for me this year  - it usually blooms in mid-April, which I would have seen before I left, but it did not.

  •  That it bothers me - just a little - to not be able to see what is doing what in the garden.
  • That having Mr. Quirky send me pictures of everything isn't quite the same as being able to see it in person.
  • That if I play my cards right MY peonies will not bloom until after I get home.

  • That I do not miss sweeping elm seeds.

Things I've learned . . .

leaving Mr. Quirky for a whole month:

  • That a month is a long time.
  • That as solitary as he tries to be, a month is a long time.
  • The cats try to fill in


  • That he may wait to vacuum until immediately before I come home.
  • That he has no desire to weed my gardens.
  • That I'm sure that he keeps telling me that he hasn't switched out our kitchen faucet for the new, used one in my car is because he wants to surprise me.
  •  That I can't wait for him to get here and hold little Fisher in his arms.

Things I've learned . . .

about grandbabies:

  • that everything you know and every moment in time . . .

  . . .  melts away when you hold them in your arms.

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Kirby Carespodi said...

Awww...can I have him? (The baby, not Mr. Q.)

Unknown said...

I think you are good on peonies. Mine are just starting to make decent buds. No ants yet. My backyard peonies (the ones you have) do not yet have buds.

We had Mr. Quirky over to dinner and gave him cake. He was talkative. :-)

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

imklvr said...

Things I've learned from reading this post:

still don't know why my peonies never bloomed at all

hang on to a man that loves cats

the love of grand kids is beyond rational thinking. I'd give my life for mine.


Junkchiccottage said...

Awww such a sweet little wonderful miracle in your lives.
Enjoy every minute your have with Fischer. He is a cutie.
Glad the storms were not harmful to you. Those storms look pretty nasty.

Art and Sand said...

Such a sweet post!

Cecilia said...

My son went to school in Oklahoma and the weather there is just scary. Glad you all are ok. Sweet, sweet baby boy! Hope you get to see all your pretty flowers when you get back home. Enjoy the time you have left in OK.

Unknown said...

Congrats on your beautiful grandson. You should show him this post when he grows up, it is a touching declaration of love. :)

Hope you have your faucet installed and everyone stays safe in Oclahoma.

The Kim Six Fix said...

What a wonderful post! And an even better month away from home!


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