Monday, June 1, 2015

How to Make A Spool Table

Hey hello!

I'm just sitting here ignoring all of the things assaulting my eyes that need to be done around here. 

They are getting done - very slowly - very surely.

I find myself daydreaming a lot.

About you know who . . .

I mean, who wouldn't?

But reality that is just too ugly to photograph is attacking me inside the house.  

And outside the house, in the form of sawfly larvae that are eating all of the Creeping Jenny that had come in so very beautifully this spring. The thought of these dang worms living outside my house kind of gags me.  

So let's talk about something less gagable.

Spool tables.

They are just so dang charming.

Seems like they came on the scene somewhere around 2012 when this spool table was posted by Country Living.

I had to have one so I pinned it. 

I swore I would make it.

I even found a discarded spool on the side of the road.

So I picked it up and put it in my garage.

For two years.

Maybe three years.

It seems that I love this, but there really isn't a space for it in my house.

But guess what?

The diminutive size of it - 15 inches tall, 19.5 inches in diameter - made it perfect for a baby nursery!

So I scraped off all of the spider eggs and cobwebs.

Sanded it with a power sander.

Then sanded the inside of the holes by hand. I just wanted to take off the sharpest pieces.

Then I waxed it with Annie Sloan Dark Wax.

In my book, dark waxes are the easiest and best way to stain sanded wood. Across brands there are so many colors to choose from and it gives a beautiful finish.  If you get a ring or damage you just sand back until the damage is gone and re-wax.

It's gorgeous. Took about 15 minutes.

I added 3 4" locking casters to the bottom. I'm not sure I like the stability of the 3 castors so we may add another one once Fisher starts being mobile enough to pull up on it.

I do intend to put the dowels in it, but we had drill issues. So the dowels have to wait until the next time I visit.

For now all of baby Fisher's books will be somewhere else. 

I'll show you that tomorrow.

Or the next day. . .

I love how it turned out.

It would also have been really cute painted a bright color, but good daughter wanted more wood tones in the room. 

She was right.


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Kirby Carespodi said...

Okay. I love the table. But what I REALLY want to know is: does your husband know you have another man in your life?

Art and Sand said...

Steve made us a spool table when we were first married. I guess they are back again. I love how you put books on the bottom of the spool.

Bliss said...

Creative Gramma jumped right in to her repurposing duties - between snuggling of course.


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