Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Getting Little Things Done - No. 1

I have a lot pending.

Things to do.

Little things

Very little things.

Things that if I would just do them my life would be better.

Better because there is a reason these things need to be done.

Most of these pending things are just minor adjustments.

But for some reason I don't do them.

Sometimes I forget.

Sometimes I do other things.

Like Pinterest,

and other time-sucks important things.

So I've decided that this week I'm going to do the little things.

I'm hoping you won't be bored.

I'm really hoping that maybe me moving will inspire you to move too.


This is a tale of the kitchen utensil holder.

The one that was too big,

and the one that was too small.

And big or little, they were both too deep.

So I kept trying different ways to make everything fit properly.

So that my utensils could be put away quickly and easily.

And pulled out quickly and easily.

But alas, something was always happening that made this not happen.

I lived a life filled with UTENSIL STRIFE.

I don't know which is more stupid - 

that this bothered me so much,

that I put up with something that bothered me so much for so long,

or that it took me so long to come up with a 5 minute solution.

I got out the ol' plaster of paris.

(this is your little special tip of the day: When you accidentally open the plaster of paris upside down, you just write the instructions right side up. Because reading upside down is no fun.)

I mixed it up right in the pitcher and let it dry.

After about three hours drying time - 

well it was done.


Not too tall.

Not to fat.

Not too big.

And I now live a life free of utensil tangle.

And I'm proud as punch.

Proud as a peacock.

And happy to have that One.Little.Thing. removed from my mental list.

So tell me.

Is there One.Little.Thing you will get done this week?

Just to make me happy.

Just so I know you weren't bored.

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rush said...

I'm not sure if the little things will get taken care of. I'm packing for our move near the end of September! But, I know what you mean about the little things!!! I guess I forgot which ones I have to take care of, because I'm thinking of the big picture!

Sarah said...

Karen, you are very clever! I've lots of little things pending here too. Just need to do it! '-0

Betsy Brock said...

haha...and now you don't have to ever worry about that thing tipping over...or blowing away...or something like that!

Little thing I need to do.....wash the windows in the kitchen. That would make me very happy!

Rita C at Panoply said...

Oh gosh, Karen, I'm afraid I can relate. I go to bed at night and lie there, thinking of things undone. Last night lights were out at 11:45 (unusually late for me, but hey, I was trying to get in a custom order with JollyJuly discount on Shutterfly). Last time I checked the clock it was 1:41 am. This morning I see Shutterfly is extending that JollyJuly discount for ONE MORE DAY. Nothing like a second chance to get things done, huh?

Thanks for your recent visits. That trunk is begging for a redo, isn't it? We've already moved it again in the booth space, as another big item (a secretary) sold. And lawd, the garden - I spent 3 hours in the 100% humidity, 75 feels like 95 morning - watering (mostly with my sweat), weeding (I have sections that need completely overhauled too), and just getting sick with overheating in general. Yes, fall will be here soon, and your porch will, once again, be current. :)

Ramblings of a Southern Girl ~ Rhonda G said...

Very clever idea! :)

Leslie Harris said...

Does finally getting one post done count as one little thing? Hahaha...getting sick in July really slowed me down. I prefer to visit your blog and live vicariously through all your little projects:)

Unknown said...

We have a long list of little things to do...and you're right. We just need to move and get at least one done! Thanks for sharing!

Bliss said...

My mind is too cluttered to pick just one thing bugging me, but my utensil holding pig just got on the list.


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