Saturday, July 4, 2015

Just Smile :)

So, just the other day I was thinking I would write a Words of Wednesday about smiling.

I think smiling is important.

Very important.

So I was going to write about it.

Then I read this.

And, well, she said what I was going to say.

So If you wouldn't mind would you read that and just imagine I'm saying it?

Except for the living in Switzerland part.

My parents never moved us to Switzerland.

Dang it.

And after you have read it.

Then you can read one other thought I have about smiling.

Did you read it????

Ok. Here goes.

Smile at your loved ones, too. 

Sometimes I look at people who are out together and see the looks on their faces and wonder why on earth they are even together because they don't look like they even like each other very much.  

Don't you think those people who see you the most deserve to see you smile? 

Maybe living with you would be just a little bit easier for them if you just smiled . . .


And it makes your face feel better, too!

See ya,


Susie said...

Karen, I love your smiling cute is that? Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Bliss said...



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