Monday, August 3, 2015

Maintaining Your Random Orbit Sander


Right in the middle of my "get it done today" week,

Just as I was trying to get down to business,

I ran into a stumbling block.

I know what you are saying.

You're saying "see..." "that's what happens when you try to do just that one little thing!"
And you're right.

That's just the way it goes sometimes.

But when it happened I knew EXACTLY what was happening.

You see,

This had happened to me before.

When it happened the first time, I really let it throw me.

Thrown away.

But not this time.

This time I knew that when my DeWalt Random Orbit Sander started throwing its disc, that I shouldn't just keep trying harder to keep it from happening.

I knew it was time to replace that pad thing that holds the sandpaper discs on.

I bet you didn't even know this was important. 

Somehow the pad looses its ability to hold the sandpaper disc, and I know from experience how difficult it is to sand something when your sand paper is flying across the garage,

It really sucks when that happens.

But the answer is replacing the pad.

Do not replace the sander.

Just buy a new pad.

Yes, I know that buying a new pad means having to go to the store. But you don't even have to bathe to go to the Lowes.

When you put the new pad on - which is really easy - just unscrew 3 screws, put the new pad on, and replace the screws -

you will be stunned at how much better your sander works.

Apparently the sand paper starts to slip long before it begins slipping enough to fly off the pad.

That makes it not work quite as effectively as it should and makes you sand longer that you should have to.

While you have the pad off and the screws out, take the time to brush all of the sawdust out of the creases of the screws and the inside of the sander.

For 18 bucks plus tax, you have a new sander.

And you are on you your way to getting something else done!

How about that?

Do you thing your sander might need a new pad????

Do you have a sander?

Are you happy for me?

Did you have a good weekend?

Is your Monday going well?

Did you get anything done last week?

Ooooo. Lots of questions here!

Do you have any answers?


Kirby Carespodi said...

Well, I like my sander, but DL has taken over all my tools...and by "my" I mean the ones I actually paid for. I'll let him spring for the $18!

ANNE said...

Thanks for the tip! I have the same sander.


Art and Sand said...

Thanks for letting me know I don't have to bathe before I go to Lowe's. I thought that was required.

Seriously though, Steve keeps all his tools in perfect order so all I have to do is remember exactly how he had it sitting on the shelf and everything works fine for me.

mary scott said...

I laughed at not having to bathe ---- so true. I have had to go to Lowe's in the middle of many projects covered with some dirt &/or paint. Thanks

Betty said...

Thanks for the info. Sadly the nearest Lowe's is 90 miles away through a winding canyon so we go in paint-y clothing (and hair on occasion) to their competitor. :)

James said...

Oh yeah, I know exactly what you felt at that moment. That lead me to storing a couple of important "minor" stuff in case these things happen so I won't end up frustrated.

Jacob @ Tools First said...

Great advise Karen. It's pretty easy to order these for your orbital sander online now anyway and saves money for sure!

Ruth Diana said...

I know it was so much pain to face such a situation. But you did the right thing 2nd time. It's really costly to replace the orbital sander instead of replacing the pad only. I did it several times. That's not a big deal as well....


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