Saturday, October 17, 2015

A 30 Day Living Room Makeover In 45 Days


I've been ignoring all things not grandson related these days. But today I'm taking a grandson break and letting daddy have his son back for a bit.

That means I'm hanging out at my sister's place, watching football, and catching up on blogging just a little bit.

Way back in August I committed to completing a make-over of my living room. 

I did this as part of Serena @Thrift Diving's 30 day make-over challenge. 

She does these 3 or 4 times a year and I had been secretly making over the living room anyway so I thought this might be the impetus I needed to get-er done!

Here are a couple of pictures that I sent Serena as my before pictures. 

The one above was even before I switched out the coffee table/bench/buffet base table for the tree round tables that I finished last summer. I also replaced the small rug with a bigger one.

You might notice that I had different couches in the pictures. Yes, I had two couches that were both old, too big for the room, and each one had it's own way of somehow crippling me (I use the couch A LOT). 

Sometime last year I painted out the fireplace with Pure White Chalk Paint. 

I had been wanting to transition the living room to black and white like the dining room for about 4 years - basically ever since I painted the dining room black. The idea was that the dining room would be black with white and the living room would be white with black.

Late in August I finally started painting the living room white. One wall at a time. 

I decided to paint the wall adjacent to the dining room black.  There is an arched doorway between the two rooms. This arch has no wood trim so when the rooms are different colors the arch makes for an awkward transition between colors. 

The rest of the plan would go like this:

Paint - But - I ran out of black paint and the wall really needs another coat of paint
Remove very colorful rug
Buy a rug if I can find one
Make a new lamp from a corbel I have already
Get a new couch (actually already done)
Make slip covers for the two wing back chairs
Paint buffet/media stand
Paint over copper paint on decoupaged chest
Bring in church bench to use as shelf for craft books
Cover craft books in neutral paper

All this was supposed to happen in September. 


When Serena emailed and told me I had until October 15 I was thrilled. 

A lot thrilled.

I think I forgot to mention that sometime this spring, I got hooked up with a lady who was selling a $7,000 love seat that had basically never been used for $1000.  It was not the English Rolled Arm that I wanted my couch to be, but it also didn't cost $4,000 like the one I had decided I wanted. That may seem like a lot for a small couch - which is all our room will hold - but we both use the couch for all of our sitting. I blog from my couch. And basically, I don't ever want to buy another couch so I wanted it to be well made and durable.  I wasn't planning on a love seat, but realistically it is the best size for the room.

Sitting on the love seat was a little like heaven, especially after my dilapidated couches, so I bought it.  I do NOT regret it.

Here what I have done so far . . .

Yep, I have two mirrors stored in the corner here. They're so dang heavy and I use them above the mantel sometimes so I like having them close. I guess I can't consider myself done with this project until those have been put away. 

I also intend to move the column into the dining room. Or at least try it in there. I feel like the weight of the column and the humidor together is just too much for the room.

This corbel sconce is not quite finished - I think it is a little top heavy so I intend to shape it up a bit. I also intend to experiment with some shades. This one just has a lace table piece wrapped around it. If you look closely you can see that it doesn't go all the way around the shade. 

I guess you noticed that I didn't get any slip covers for the chairs completed. 

I have some ideas in my head.

But I want to know what YOU think I should do with them.

Any ideas?

I'll be back this week with more info on some of the projects I completed in the room.

And maybe in November I will finish some of the things I didn't finish - like paint the ceiling and inside the bay window, which is still a dark green.

Then it will be time to decorate for Christmas.

Oy vey!

Be sure an head over to Thrift Diving to see the other great room makeovers for this quarter.

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Art and Sand said...

love the bay window ... that corbel lamp is cool ... how are you going to keep the sofa clean?

What about black and white pin stripe fabric on the chairs?

Carla63 said...

Everything look great ! I'm sorry but I wouldn't touch the chairs I LOVE them just the way they are . Gives a nice pop of contrast color. Where did you get them? They are great

Rita C at Panoply said...

Wow, Karen, you've completely changed that room, and I like it! Idk about the chairs - some kind of masculine fabric - like a charcoal grey, really fine worsted wool maybe? Another 45 days, and I think you'll have it. ;)

Teddee Grace said...

You're making progress! Any way you could mount a television over the fireplace and open up that lovely bay window?

Cheryl @ said...

Lots of interest and fun pieces here. The TV would have to be somewhere else for us, as we wouldn't want to block any windows. It'll be fun to see what you decide on the chairs :)

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Wow, I see so many cool and interesting things!
I like the color that the floral chairs add. What if you painted the legs black and the added a coordinating fabric pillow?

sarah krouse said...

Did you say you made those tables from tree stumps? Those are awesome! And I love your new sofa in the space.

Designed Decor said...

It's looking good! I love the couch! I agree that the chairs need to be more subtle. You have plenty of bright bold accent colors that make a great statement in the space. That rug is awesome too!

Designed Decor said...

It's looking good! I love the couch! I agree that the chairs need to be more subtle. You have plenty of bright bold accent colors that make a great statement in the space. That rug is awesome too!

Unknown said...

Holy cow, I love it! That rug is amazing. Of course I think the chairs would be awesome in ticking, but that might be too much with the animal print. ;) Maybe a small print?

Elizabeth said...

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