Friday, February 5, 2016

Painted Cabinet - Pure & Original White


I'm glad you're here.

I want to say thank you to all of you who commented on my last post. It's so nice to know that you are out there. Support and encouragement are always welcome. I wish I could have replied to each of you, but for reasons I don't know, some of your comments come with reply email address and some of them do not. So whether you received a reply from me or not, I appreciate you taking the time to encourage me. 


Let's get down to business.

I have this cabinet in my dining room. 

You may have seen it before.

This cabinet used to be white.

And chippy.

And heavenly.

But silly me, when we moved into this house, I stripped it of all it's original glory, painted it brown, glazed it with Old Masters Gel Stain, decoupaged the front and side panels and covered the whole thing with about 6 coats of Deft Clear Wood Finish.

It was pretty.

But then I saw this.

neat!!!!! foto cortesia:
source Pinterest (originally from

This was one of my first pins.

I just love it.

And it fit my black and white plan for the dining room.

Of course I didn't do it right away.

Why would I do that?????

But when Pure & Original Paints came across the pond I ordered a can of White. They actually have 13 white and ivory tones to choose from. But I wanted plain white.

Of course, I got the paint a year ago.

I guess there was no real rush.

(I like that word rush. I realized that when I went to my orthopedic guy to ask for help with my hip. As we were walking to the x-ray machine the tech asked me why I was there. I said "well my hip has really been bothering me - it's been about two years now and I'm a little tired of it. "  She laughed and said "well don't rush in!!"  For some reason I found that amusing.)

But then all of a sudden I wanted to get it done.

The cabinet, that is.

You probably know that painting a true white is challenging.

Smart painters always paint a coat of light grey before they paint their first coat of white.

But I wanted to test out this new paint.

The highly lacquered finish was pretty slick and I wanted to test out the Pure & Original's ability to stick.

It stuck great. 

The first coat gave me a lot of hope.

But after the 2nd coat I could tell that I had a case of the "I wish I had painted this grey first."

Also, I have found out something that really helps with white. No matter what type of paint you are using.

Actually, especially if you are using one of the mineral, chalk, or clay paints.

No matter what - sand lightly between each coat of paint. The smoother your surface is for each coat the better coverage you will get. No matter how smooth the surface seems, there are little brush lines that the next coat will stick to disproportionately. So you end up with more paint on the raised areas and less on the areas that need the paint the most. Then you have a second coat that you thought would fill in your low areas but actually laid more paint on your high areas.  This makes it almost impossible to get coverage with less than 4 coats.

Like an idiot, I didn't sand after coat one. But I did after coat 2 and was able to get final coverage on coat three.


Here's how I did the drawing for the graphic.

Cut 6 pieces of paper to the measurement of each "shelf". 

Sketched each section. (This actually took several tries. I was trying to keep things proportionate to the real sizes of the items I was drawing.)

I divided the panel on each side by 3 and drew in the shelves.

I taped each sketch to the cabinet and traced the items onto the cabinet with carbon paper.

Finally, I used a Sharpie and traced over the markings from the carbon paper.

I used a regular Sharpie, but I should have used an oil based Sharpie.

I waxed the whole thing with Annie Sloan Soft Wax - Clear.

I had a hard time staging this because in my vision there is a tall plate shelf thingy that will extend the white up the wall. 

I like the idea of the ironstone pitchers, but they sit too low for my vision. 

So I just experimented with some other stuff until I can either find or make the rack that will match my vision.

Maybe in 2 more years that will happen!

In addition: it's only 2 days now until my surgery and I haven't made any specific plans for the blog.

So you may hear from me soon and you may not.

We'll see!

Have a great weekend and thanks for being there.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.


Susie said...

Wow, Karen, that is so beautiful and so darn clever. I love it. You paint way harder than I would...Two coats, no sanding is pretty much my style. LOL. I am glad you are getting yourself back in shape. I know we all hate getting anything done..but putting it off sometimes makes it even worse. I am praying for you. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

~ Dixie said...

My, what a great job. It's really nice, Karen! Thanks for the tips!
Best wishes andi'd like to wish you a speedy recovery...

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Great change Karen. Speedy recovery after surgery.

Anonymous said...

Can you explain the reason for painting gray before white please? I never heard that and and really curious. It turned out great-very nice work!


kddomingue said...

Best of luck with your surgery. It's very scary and the recovery isn't fun....but once you're up and running and gunning again? You'll wonder why you waited so long to get it done! Looking forward to your first post surgical post.

rush said...

"Rush" is my last name! is. And, "piddle around" must be my middle name, because I am not in any hurry to get my knees replaced just yet!

I wish you the best for your surgery. I just heard of a man whose wife says he is normally a whiner, and his knee replacement went quite nicely. He healed quickly, and the physical therapist cut him loose at the beginning of the third session. I hope your recuperation period is short, but I need to remind you that you COULD milk it a little bit longer than is necessary!

Best wishes!

Julie Briggs said...

What an original idea, and so cute! Love it.

Susie@TheChelseaProject said...

Beautiful job. I will share it out with great joy. THanks for linking to Friday's Furniture Fix. Susie

Lucy said...

Love what you did with this piece. It's so unique and whimsical now. Pinning! Thanks for sharing it on Friday's Furniture Fix! ;o)

Tina said...

I love whimsical turned out great.
Good luck with your surgery and I hope you are up and feeling good in no time. Do we get to call you a spring chicken afterwards?

Art and Sand said...

I am very behind in reading blogs, so I guess you already had your surgery and I hope everything went well.

I love the cabinet. And, I like the white ironstone pitchers on the top of it. You might consider layering them with some on top of books or raised pie plates.

Take care!

Lindy said...

That is such an interesting and new to me idea! I have a buffet I've been talking about doing for more years than I can remember-like "I'll do it when I retire" which was 7 years ago (time FLIES!!!). I am inspired by your post however and mine WILL be done this spring! I even bought paint! Great job, Karen and good luck with the surgery! Blog on!

Cecilia said...

Karen, it's so darn cute! I had to laugh about you waiting two years on your hip...I did that with my shoulder enduring all.that.pain. Then I finally went to the dr. A round of steroids and finally a shot took care of the inflammation. Whew, I'm glad I didn't need surgery. Sorry that you do but I hope it takes care of the problem. We'll be here when you feel up to blogging so don't worry about that. Take care of yourself first!
Best wishes for a successful outcome.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Patricia @ CorninmyCoffee-pot said...

I just had to rush over and see this cabinet and read the story about the fabulous look! (I just now saw the awesome and wonderful shelf you put over it) Mirror-lover and curly shelf bracket-liker (very much!)
... I should be called Label maker! Ha!
Love this room...
catching up on my reading... it might take all summer.;)


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