Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Making A Fancy Purple Velvet Chair

The title of this post should actually be, The Purple Chair That I Painted and Reupholstered One Week After Hip-replacement Surgery and Why I Didn't Meet My Deadline For The February Fab Furniture Flippin Contest, with a subtitle of Perhaps I Should Have Completed This BEFORE I Went To The Hospital.

I already told you that my eyes were bigger than my stomach when considering my productivity during recovery time. But I was right on track for this puppy. 

If meeting a midnight deadline at 11:59 means right on track.

The chair was painted.

The chair was reupholstered.

The pictures were taken.

The pictures were edited.

And it was only 8:00 p.m.

But I was in pain.  You see, somewhere between getting on my hands and knees so I could get in a seated position on the floor, and actually getting my butt on the floor - I fell. 

Actually I'm not sure if I fell or if it just hurt that dang bad to move from knees to butt on a hardwood floor one week after a hip replacement.  HMMM.

I was certain I had completely undone any healing or progress I had made. Perhaps even ripped that little metal ball right out of the big metal socket.  

But I did not. You see, it just happens to hurt like hell when you turn your butt muscles the wrong way and land on them after they have been split and sewed back together.

So I reluctantly gave up the idea that I could meet my deadline and took pain medicine and went to bed.

Sheepishly. Apparently I shouldn't have been trying to get on the floor - to take a picture.

But enough about me.

Let's talk DecoArt Chalky Finish Paint.

Let's talk mixing 2 colors of DecoArt Chalky Finish Paint to make purple.

In a minute.

I had been staring at this purple velvet fabric I had for several months. I bought it a few years back for a friend that decorates with purple. But she didn't have a use for it so she gave it back. 

I got it out at Christmastime because it seemed a likely candidate to make something cool and creative for Christmas.

But alas, my cool creativity muscle usually expires sometime about the time I get 80% of my house decorated. 

Thus, nothing was made from the purple velvet. But having it sitting in a stack of pillow forms staring at me for a few months somehow made me think of it when I was deciding what project to do with my DecoArt Chalky Finish Paint

I thought "what about using that purple velvet on that needy chair in my bedroom?" 

But then there was no purple paint available in the DecoArt Chalky Paint colors!

Actually, there is a Lavenderish, lilacish color called Remembrance.

But I wanted PURPLE. Deep purple. I wanted it to match the fabric. Exactly, if possible.

What is a girl to do? 

Then I noticed that the color chart page on the website includes colors you can mix together to make other colors. And guess what?

There was a purple!


Would you look at that!

It just so happened that DecoArt, as the sponsor for the February FFFC (that's Fab Furniture Flippin Contest in case you don't know initial talk) provided us with two pints of paint and one of their finishing products.

So I picked Treasure and Romance - because they mix together and make purple. I also picked the Creme Wax.

I mixed exactly as they suggested and thought the color was pretty dang close so after Mr. Quirky brought the chair down and put it on the dining room table for me I started painting.  

Actually, I took off the old upholstery and THEN started painting. That's always a good idea when you are going to reupholster. Take the fabric off before you paint and put back on AFTER you paint.

So I put on two coats of the paint. It went on smooth and provided good coverage. 

Then I upholstered. I did a good a job as I could possibly do considering my pain pill induced fog. At this point let me say that I do not advise upholstery as something to be done in a pain pill induced fog. For your safety. And the safety of the chair.  Let's just say it's not my best upholstery job ever.

But it's fine.

After my first photo session, when I was editing, I noticed that the color might be a little redder and lighter than I would like. And it didn't quite match as good as I originally thought. Maybe my vision was a little foggy, too?

So. After I recovered from the whole falling in the floor thing, I did this.

I mixed up a little of the purple paint with a little black paint. About 7 parts purple to 1 part black.

And I repainted it. Just a quick all over brush-up. 

Then I made a mix of the new color with the creme wax and waxed it again.

Here I might mention that the consistency of the creme wax reminded me a lot of decoupage medium so it went on more like paint than wax. I used a really worn down chip brush to apply the wax. It worked fine. This wax seals the finish without putting any extra sheen on the piece. Just a soft matte finish. It was a good look.

Then I buffed the whole chair and took some new pictures.

I like the color a lot better.

Can you see any difference?

Maybe not in pictures?

I know you could tell if you saw it in person.

A couple of things . . .

I liked working with this paint. I would reserve it mostly for pieces or crafts that don't get a lot of wear, like maybe lamps, candlesticks, jewelry boxes, backs of shelves,  and any number of things that you might paint. I wouldn't use it for furniture that was going to get lots of wear because my experience was that it isn't as durable as chalk paint manufactured for furniture painting. The bumps of upholstery created several places that I had to touch up on my chair.  

BUT - since this product is available in pints and moderately priced I think it is a great option for crates, spice racks, frames, pots, small cabinets, trays, etc., etc., etc....

There are several other finishes available which you might want to consider as well.

To DecoArt I'd like to say "thanks for providing the paint for this project, and I'm sorry I fell 12 inches and tore my butt and didn't meet my deadline for the contest!"  I promise to never do it again. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Because it's not very easy to twist my arm. I tell the truth.

I pretty much love my purple velvet chair.

It's going back in my bedroom.

And will inevitably end up covered in clothes.

Somehow I think it deserves more.


Susie said...

Karen, I think you have ended up with a good match. I like it very much. I hope you can put your chair when you can enjoy sitting in it. Maybe by a nice window. I hurt if I sit on a hard floor too long scooting around...and I have not had hip replacement. Take your time to get well. and try not to over do girl. :):) I bet sitting still makes you crazy...if you are the type that loves to keep busy. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

Rita C at Panoply said...

Wow, Karen, you have officially earned warrior status for hip replacement soldier. I'm really glad (but certainly not more than you) that you did NOT have to go back to the hospital for any damage.
The chair really looks amazing and, yes, I can tell the difference between the two finishes, and I like the deeper color purple. It looks great in all the ways you've styled it.
So, I guess you're ready for yard work now??

Gail @Purple Hues and Me said...

I so love your purple chair, Karen! But I must say I panicked when you got down on the floor and had your mishap. So glad you're on the mend but please never do that again! Whew! Thanks for letting us know about the chalk paint and being able to mix different colors for new ones. A true purple is always hard to find in chalk paints and I will certainly try your way!

Art and Sand said...

Of course you would have a purple chair - LOVE it!

You need to be careful!!!!!

rush said...

Sorry to hear about your butt! You are incorrigible! Butt {snicker}, you were a woman on a mission.

I do love that purple chair! I want one!!! It turned out wonderfully!

Take care of yourself!

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Karen, your chair turned out beautifully but you are a bad girl for working on it before you had more time to heal! Take care and behave yourself. ;)

Cecilia said...

The second color definitely matches better! I'm amazed in your pain induced fog you were able to do this. :-) It looks great. But please be careful and don't mess up your healing.

monique said...

Love it!
I think when you added a bit of black to the paint it made the fabric look more purple. Just Perfect!!
I really hope you did not do any damage to your hip area.
That was really a silly thing to do while attempting to heal.
Bad girl.
Take care and behave,

stephanie said...

You must have got that painting in New Orleans because I saw lots of that style in the galleries in the French quarter.

Kirby Carespodi said...

I'm not sure whether I should say get off your butt or stay on it! Either way, the chair is gorgeous!!

Bliss said...

I love this chair! I love it in purple. If you would have told me I might have just said I don't know, but seeing is believing.


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