Saturday, April 23, 2016

Creating Original Elegance With Pure & Original Paints

Hello! I'm glad you're here!

Even more glad than usual!

Want to know why?

It's the third weekend of  April and this means that, once again, I have a project to show you for the Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest - April edition.

I have to say that I'm more excited about this months contest than ever. 

I know you're thinking WHY, WHY, WHY???????

It's because April's sponsor is so GREAT!!!

It's Pure & Original paint.

You may remember that I have used Pure & Original Paint for a few projects over the past year.  First there was this one, then this one, and my favorite Christmas ornaments ever, here.

These projects were all done with Pure & Original Classico, their chalk based paint line. The silkiest, most velvety paint I've ever used to paint furniture with. But really it was made for walls - and I will be using it to paint a few walls in my house. 


Very soon.

This is what one of my favorite painters did with two of the blacks in the Classico line. They have four blacks! Four ways I can use my favorite color!

But what makes me most excited about Pure & Original paints is their Fresco Lime paint.

Ooo La La!

That's Pure & Original's Fresco Lime in Atria. Pretty stinkin' cool, huh? Have you ever seen anything more beautiful? Doesn't that wall look about 100 years old? It just makes my heart sing.

Out loud.

Can you hear it? 

But wait . . . that's not all.

Just when you think things couldn't be better, well there's Pure & Original Marrekech Walls.  It's a new revolutionary paint that gives your walls an appearance of concrete or Tadelakt.  All the chicks say it is so easy to apply!

No wall will be safe in my home, now that Pure & Original paint is around.

But I digress.

This is the April Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest!

And Pure & Original provided two cans of Classico paint to each of us Fab Flippers to create "Original Elegance" with their lovely paint.

Would you like to know what I did?

This dresser.

I picked it up two years ago a while back at an estate sale. As you will see in the 'after' it also includes a huge and lovely oval mirror.

The paint colors I picked are

On my computer screen this Old Rose swatch isn't too good of a match for the paint but Evening Shadow is pretty close - maybe a tad darker than the paint. A great reason to buy one of their hand painted color cards. I mean, they have 145 colors! Each and every one of them are drop dead gorgeous.

I have one. Sometimes I just sit and stare at it.

It's so pretty.

Ever since I bought this dresser I knew how I would paint it.

I wanted it to look like this.

At least sort of.

I guess you can tell there are more than two colors on this piece.

You are right. There are four. Actually five.

I used Caromal Colors Textured Basecoat in Cobblestone as a basecoat on the top to add the illusion of "time".  I stippled the whole top and then when it was dry I sanded it down pretty smooth.

The top coat was a messy coat of the Pure & Original Evening Shadow. I covered it completely but then sanded some of it back. The sanding exposed the texture from the base coat.

The body of the dresser and the mirror and frame were painted with Chalk Paint in Scandinavian Pink.  The top coat was the Pure & Original Old Rose.  Everything was then sanded with 180 grit sand paper. I wanted some of the darker pink to show through randomly with an emphasis on the edges.

Then I made a mix of P&O Black, Evening Shadow, and water and spattered it all over the piece.  Some of the spatters I left intact and some of them I blotted or smeared. I just wanted it to have some dirt on it.

The whole piece was waxed with Miss Mustard Seed clear wax and then waxed with Annie Sloan Dark Wax.

I bought the knobs at Hobby Lobby. I had another vision for the knobs but couldn't quite find what I needed. So the knobs are subject to change.

Are you tired of looking at it yet?

Not me.

But I'll give you a break and move on.

Move on to thank this month's hosts Carrie@ThirtyEighthStreet and Stacy@AnastasiaVintage.

Visit them to see all of the April Flips - all 60 of them!

And a shout out to the bevy of ladies that work to make this whole Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest work. 

The Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest is open only to the entrants who have signed up through the group Facebook page. If you are an active, furniture flippin' blogger, and you'd like to participate in future contests, you are welcome to join in! Just reach out to the hosts to find out how!

Thanks again to Pure & Original for making such great paint. And for hosting this month's contest. 

Through the month of April, Pure & Original is offering a special promotion on their Classico Paint! If you're contemplating trying Pure & Original Classico paint, now is the time to try! Purchase 2 quarts of Classico paint in any color for $70! I promise, you will never regret it.

Anytime after midnight Saturday (April 23) you can also have a little fun showing how much you love my the projects by liking your favorite. So head over to Carrie's or Stacy's and check them out.

Wanna se another picture? I know you do...

I kind of like it without the mirror...

What do you think?

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DD's Cottage said...

I love the rubbed two-tined look!

Lucy said...

Love the inspiration piece and yours looks just as good! Oh how I love layers! Super job!

Brenda Young said...

Karen that's a great representation of the inspiration, wonderful layering job too! I am so with you I am dying to attack my walls with this great stuff as well!

Susie from The Chelsea Project said...

Karen..... I absolutely love this piece!! The layers are to die for...and the color combo is perfection. Another homerun!! Congrats on a great job! Susie from The Chelsea Project

tamnixellington said...

Nice layering job! Turned out beautiful!

Unknown said...

Such a sweet and soft color combo. Love the look.

Susie from The Chelsea Project said...

Hey Karen....It's me again.... Just realized you linked to Friday's Furniture Fix. So happy to have you share with us. Getting you out on IG and FB today.. :-) Susie from The Chelsea Project

Anonymous said...

beautiful!! great job! CC

Unknown said...

That is a beautiful piece! Awesome job! Now, I need to try the P&O!

Sara said...

Stunning Karen! You couldn't have picked 2 better colors!

Val @ Love My DIY Home said...

I do the same thing - walk past and just have to take another look! Pure and Original made it easy to do a great flip. Those colors look good together - nice choice.

Unknown said...


Bliss said...

I like it I like it! The top looks a bit like concrete in the photos, and concrete walls? Well that sounds like something I would want.

Unknown said...

Karen, I've had your same inspiration picture pinned on my Pinterest boards too, and had been admiring that patina too. You did a great job of rereating it. Love it. Pinning yours too!

Unknown said...

Great piece and you did a fabulous job. Love your color choices.

fabulosa said...

Congrats Karem on winning The Flap Furniture Flippin Contest for the month of April that is a beautiful piece.


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