Sunday, July 31, 2016

How To Make A Cutting Board Tablet or Recipe Holder


I'm glad you are here - because you may have been feeling a bit deserted 

Have you been feeling deserted?

I've been trying to decide why I have been hesitant to get back to posting regularly.

Probably the main thing is that deep down I don't like the pictures I've been taking. Some of them I don't like because the project or location of the project is just difficult to photograph. 

I try to hide the fact that I'm a perfectionist.

Normally I am easier on myself and try not to let myself get stymied by lack of perfection. I mean, have I EVER done ANYTHING perfectly?


I have not.

So why stop now?

I'm forcing myself to post all of my imperfection.

Bit by bit . . .

day by day . . . 

starting now.

Here goes . . .

Years ago when I went to the 'nasty picker's sale' - the one so nasty that they made you sign a release and handed out masks to everyone as they entered the house - 

I bought a wooden cutting board.

I don't have a before picture.

It wasn't too bad.

I sanded it all over and cleaned it and put hemp oil on it and used for 2 years. 

But it fell apart.

It was one of those cutting boards that wood crafters make out of different kinds of wood and sell at shows.

Between each two pieces of wood there was thin strip of wood that separated each section.  The first time it started coming apart I glued it back together.

But it came apart again. Probably because I just used regular wood glue and I guess you need to use a product that is more water resistant.

Instead, the second time I glued it together I decided to use it for something decorative. 

So it would never have to see water again.

I had been wanting to make one of those cutting board recipe/tablet holders that you can find a million times over on google or Pinterest.

And actually, I bought a couple of other cutting boards at the same sale. They are really just shaped like cutting boards - made out of some kind of cheap board that would work only for crafting.  I'll probably do something with those eventually. But not this time.

To make one of these recipe/tablet holders you just need a few things:

A cutting board
A piece of trim the width of your cutting board

A dowel
A drill
Wood glue

Step 1

Find your trim and glue it on. Some people use upside down quarter-round for this. Glue flat side of the quarter-round to the cutting board with the other flat side towards the top of the cutting board. Your recipe or tablet just sits on the flat of the quarter-round. I wanted to use some scraps I had from an old dresser I painted. I think these pieces were used to hold up a mirror that I removed from the dresser. Because this piece was flat I had to add a small strip of wood underneath it to hold it out from the cutting board and create the holder on the board.

Hopefully you can see what I mean in the picture. You can also see that I didn't bother to stain the wood that I used for the spacer. 

I like those screw holes in the board.

They're kind of cute.

Step 2

Cut your dowel to approximately 5 inches long.

Step 3 

Drill a hole in your cutting board the same size as the dowel.

The wood on my cutting board was REALLY HARD and difficult to drill. I used a succession of drill bits to make drilling the hole a LOT easier.

Note: I erroneously thought the hole needed to be at an angle for this step.It did not. Drill the hole straight into the cutting board.

I hate being wrong.

When you are using the tablet holder just stick the dowel into the board and it will stand up.

I like my little cutting board recipe/tablet holder with bad pictures.

Imperfection at its best.

And it's nice to have around. 

Make one.

If you want to go for perfection, have at it.

But don't let imperfection hold you back.

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Susie said...

Hi Karen, Yes, I have missed you. :):) I looked back thru some posts and love the painted pieces you have done. I don't always have different subjects to get pictures of....when I don't go anywhere for long periods and have no new scenes. Winter season is worse...I don't even have flowers to show then. Keep posting your projects and your surroundings. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Tina said...

Fun little project, Karen. Cute screw holes for sure. ;)

kddomingue said...

I saw a quote the other day that states that "Done is better than Perfect". It's going to be my mantra from now on, lol!

Summer said...

Sun a fun and cute project ♥

Quinn said...

That's a nice project and would make a thoughtful gift.

Bliss said...

Nothing wrong with that thang.


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