Monday, October 31, 2016

Mid Century Modern Dresser Make-over


It's Halloween today and Mr. Quirky and I have decided to close up the house and pretend we aren't here tonight.

We do this every 4 years or so for various reasons. I think this time it's just because I feel overwhelmed by a couple of big messes we have around here. 

Getting ready for Christmas blogging stuff, fall stuff that is still lying around, and all of the bedding and fabrics from the guest room where we are STILL acclimating an 8 year old male cat that we adopted, has left the dining room cluttered with stuff that needs to be put away. A lot of those things go in the guest room and won't go back in until the cat doesn't need a room of his own and the protection of a door.

Anyway, I thought I would take this post to show you a piece of furniture I made over when I was back in Oklahoma in July.

I was helping little Fisher's other grandma to up her game with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. She had done a couple of projects with mixed results and didn't say no when I asked her if she needed help with a dresser she was painting for Fisher's room at her house.

This dresser was one of her parent's from the 60's. 

It has great bones so it would have looked good no matter what we did to it. 

We chose a little color blocking. And gave the original hardware a good scrub and a coat of Rub'n Buff. (affiliate link)

They're pretty cool, huh?

For the dresser we used three colors, French Linen, Emperor's Silk, and Graphite.

Sorry, but I had to photograph this while the wax was still wet, so you may notice a little blotchyness.

It's pretty great don't you think?

I think I'm going to have to do more of this color blocking thing.

Have you ever done something with 3 colors?

Are you ready for a little Halloween celebrating?

Are you handing out candy?

Do you have any tips for introducing 2 male cats to each other?

Are you ready for NOVEMBER?????


And one last picture of Fisher. Back in June and July he used to run to the door to say goodbye and kiss you through the door.

Sweetest. Thing.  Ever.


Kirby Carespodi said...

I really like the way the dresser turned out! I haven't done any color blocking, but I have done designs in multiple colors. I'd like you to hand over the baby, please.

rush said...

This is what Jackson Galaxy did on "Cats from Hell": The cats are never going to know what's going on if they can see each other and smell each other nose-to-nose, so to speak. Change the solid door for a screen door and see what happens. If there seems to be some growling and hissing, that's ok for now, until they get to know each other. Feed each cat at the same time away from the door, and slowly feed them closer and closer to the door. Hopefully, they'll get used to each other. Then, introduce them to each other in a small room with the door closed so they can't run off and can't be found. Small doses. Boys notoriously get along better than girls do, but if you have two alpha males, it might be a little more difficult. This is a situation we have. Cats have plenty of places to hide, so I don't think they'll kill each other. Cat fights aren't good for either one of them, though. Letting them work it out for themselves might be the best answer after the slow introduction, but don't allow them to fight. Don't use your hands to separate them. Use a broom. I was bit when I tried to remove one cat. Wait until they settle down before touching them. If you do get bit, go to the doctor for treatment. People have lost limbs by not getting a cat bite treated. There's a lot of bacteria in those little mouths! Best wishes on introducing the boys to each other.

Unknown said...

Great suggestions. I didn't think of the screen door thing. One of the boys is a Russian Blue and they are known to be shy and slow to warm up. He is a doll baby and wants to be held and snuggled - I think Karen should post a picture of him loving on people. I can't wait until they are both in the house and hope they can get to the point where they snuggle and groom each other.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Love how your dresser turned out but my favorite is sweet little Fisher!

Summer said...

The dresser turned out so lovely♥

Bliss said...

I don't know if I have color blocked anything, I know I've done stain and paint, but not sure about several colors of paint. Maybe I did. So is new kitty still hiding? And no, we don't pass out candy, our driveway is 1/4 long so we only get hard core trick or treaters that we know, and they get a special little bag of their favorite candy.

Art and Sand said...

Little Fisher is a doll and I love the way you painted the dresser - much more interesting than in its original state.


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